Modelling of Dynast Simulator to Controlling Speed in a DC Motor using Proportional Integral Derivative Controller

James Agajo, Okoro Patience N., Akande Akinyinka Olukunle, Folorunso T. A.


Modelling of DYNAST simulator to controlling speed in a DC motor using proportional integral derivative controller is work aimed at designing, analyzing, and modeling of a DC motor speed control using Proportional Integral Derivatives Controller (PID). It entails how a PID controller can be used to achieve a desired speed response in a dc motor speed control. It presents a detailed simulation of how this PID controller and technology is added to the DC motor speed control with their varying parameters for desired response. Using the Dynast Shell Simulator shows the hardware and it sub system in their simulated platform without the use of complex equations to achieve your aim. This paper relates the place of PID technology in the present control discipline, how it reduces and eliminates errors in the control processes using Dynast Shell Simulator, it came up with a  designs of dc motor speed control with and without PID. The work demonstrated that with proportional band at kp=100, an ki=200, the controller output is proportional to the error or a change in measurement (depending on the controller). 


PID; DC Motor; DYNAST SIMULATOR; Speed Control.

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