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A Review on User Experiences of Collaborative Online Learning

Punsisi Nayanaprabha Somaratne


Online learning has become involved in assisting learners to conduct their academic work irrespective of the number of participants and the distance. Therefore the institutions try to provide the learning experience for the online learners which are similar to classroom learning. In such scenario both individual and group based tasks are given for the online learners where collaborative learning has become a part of it to promote the team building and group involvements of the learners. Since the teacher and learner do not interact with each other face to face as the traditional learning, it is important to identify whether the expected learning outcomes are achieved through collaborative learning. Otherwise the use of collaborative learning cannot be achieved by its users. In order to identify the effectiveness collaborative online learning, the user experiences can be used.  The study focused on reviewing the literature to explore the experiences of users in using collaborative learning.


collaborative learning; online learning; distance learning; user experience

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