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A Case Study of Bujagali Hydropower Public Private Partnership Project Between Uganda Government and Bujagali Energy Ltd in Electricity Generation in Africa

Umar Kabanda


Public and private partnership in Africa is a new growing arrangement between the African governments and the private sector in provision of public service including public infrastructure and related services aimed at obtaining better quality services at competitive, employ public sector enterprise and finance when beneficiaries reduce cost, delivery time, and risks inherent in infrastructure projects development and service delivery. My paper will discuss a case a case study of Bujagali Hydropower Public private partnership project between Uganda Government and Bujagali energy Ltd in Electricity generation in Africa, genesis of PPP in the world and all critics to this case project intended objective in electricity generation, social, economic environmental and political critic of the project, its financial and stakeholder success, conclusion and recommendation for future projects of in the same model for future African electricity generation projects.


Hydropower Electricity Generation; Public Private Partnership; Africa

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