Simulation of Parallel Beam CT Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Grating Phase Contrast Imaging

Rong Feng, Yang Yadong, Ma Xuehao


X-ray phase contrast imaging has higher resolution in the imaging of light element materials than absorption imaging, and is increasingly used in many fields such as medicine, biology and materials science.Grating phase contrast imaging stands out among many phase contrast imaging methods due to its unique advantages.This paper briefly introduces the filtering back projection reconstruction algorithm of the traditional parallel beam CT, and then introduces the Hilbert filter back projection algorithm suitable for the parallel beam CT of the grating phase contrast. Finally, the simulation of the parallel beam CT reconstruction algorithm based on the grating phase contrast imaging is carried out.Through the detailed introduction of the realization principle of traditional CT imaging and phase contrast CT imaging, it can be seen that there is no essential difference between the two implementation principles.The reconstruction algorithm of traditional CT imaging is mature, and then only needs to be slightly improved to be suitable for CT reconstruction based on grating phase contrast imaging.


Parallel beam CT; Grating phase contrast imaging; Filtered back projection; Hilbert filter back projection.

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