Improvements to Loose Soil

Nikolaos Alamanis, Ioannis Chouliaras


The terms loose, compressible or organic refer to the soils that comprise the surface layers of the soil, including soil, sludge, peat, organic soils, as well as soils that have come from land fillings with unconcentrated homogeneous or non-homogeneous materials. By the term improvement or strengthening of a soil material, be it natural or breakable, we mean the processing of this material which is aimed at improving its geotechnical properties (durability, erosion, compressibility, permeability, porosity, physical characteristics, mechanical properties etc.). Many degraded areas in terms of soil characteristics, are used for construction works, either due to a lack of space (peri-urban areas) or because of increased requirements for the geometric characteristics of large infrastructure projects. For the use of these soils, in such or other cases, methods of improving and enhancing their geotechnical properties are necessary to be used.


loose soils; soil retreats; consolidation methods; condensation; solidification; drainage; soil liquefaction.

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