A Comparative Study in Between the Management of a Professional Football Team and the Customs Administration of Cameroon

Dr. Thierry Aloumedjo Zam


The Purpose of this paper is to explain why football management principles can make a difference to the way in which the Cameroon Customs Administration is managed, works and personnel management is carried out in the workplace. It has been ascertained by scholars, football professionals and technicians that business can learn from football management. Findings bring out the importance of the lessons of managers of successful and richest football clubs in the management of businesses and by extension to the Administration. It is assumed from the studies carried in the perspective that if the Principles applied in football management, taking the example of Sir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United is applied, The Cameroon Customs Revenue will pass from $827.9 million a year to $ 4232, 7 million which represents almost half of the Cameroon State budget. The Practical implications of the paper are that it provides hr specialists and practitioners managing the Cameroon Customs department with tools and principles to enhance significantly organizational performance. The originality of this research is that it tends to demonstrate that the Cameroon Customs department can copy from the principles applied in the management of sports in general and football in particular. However the said principles should be applied with regards to the general objective which is public interest and the multi-purpose nature and transparency limitations of the administration missions which differs in that sense from that of football clubs.


Football management; the Customs administration; human resource management; organizational performance.

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