Household Water Conditions in Gombe: A Profile of Water Scarcity in Nassarawo, Palliative and Mitigation Measures

Ahmad Abdullahi, Ali Abdu


Water is one of the important components that support life on earth. It is so important that it does not have alternative. Water is abundant on the planet earth, but the usable water especially for domestic purpose is limited, therefore making it a scarce resource. This is not unconnected with the uneven distribution of the resource around the globe. This study examines household water condition in Gombe, show casing a profile of water scarcity in Nassarawo Community; palliative and mitigation measures being taken. Data describing the inventory of the sources of water in the study area, the functionality of the water point at all times of the year and the natural and anthropogenic factors that promote or hinder the availability of water in the study community were taken. Results obtained and analysed in tabular forms indicate that Gombe State Water Corporation, Ministry of Water Resources and Environment, along with other department were shouldered with the task of supplying water for all uses. Despite these institutions efforts and the colossal amount of money being spent to scale up supply, water scarcity remains a problem. Findings revealed that the community is restricted to a very few sources of water supply with water trucks being the major source, followed by rainfall. Thus, water supply in Nassarawo falls short of supply at all times of the year. Findings further reveals that the scarcity is as a result of poor public management system by water institutions, coupled with poor groundwater potentials of the area thereby creating both physical and economic water scarcity. The study calls for invigoration of public water supply institutions to leave up to their mandate and a radical change in behaviour on the use and management of water, and a public participation process where decisions are taken on the bases of bottom-top approach.


Water; Scarcity; Households; Mitigation; Nassarawo; Nigeria.

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