Social Media and its Impression on Consumers Behavior During Their Decision-Making Process

Ola Homaidan Noureddine, Reem Bou ZeinEddine


On a daily basis, 100,000 tweets are sent, 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook, 2 million search inquiries made on Google, 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, 3,600 photos shared on Instagram, and 571 websites created.The appearance of social media has created a new aspect which puts a new grid of personal communication. Businesses see great chances, whereas consumers are set back to the center in the business world because of the social media. There are many studies explaining reasons to take advantage of the social media and to help companies to gain a better status in the changeover. Often, consumers feel different from what marketers think, for instance what “brand connection” via social media looks like to consumers may not be fairly what marketers think.The objective of this research is to clarify why, when and how the social media impacts consumer decision process, and explains how individuals are attending, processing, and selecting the information on social media before a purchase. The results indicate that individuals are actively involved in the search for information on social media compared with the mass media; yet exposure to information is selective and subjective when searching for information. The inquisitive part of the research attempts to provide vision to any organization trying to move to or is currently contributing in the new marketing trend.


Social Media; Consumer Behavior; Marketing; Decision Making Process.

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