Characterization of the Socio-economic Impact of Goat Rearing (Capra hircus L., 1758) in Peri-urban Pastoralists. Empirical Analysis Carried Out in the Natural Conditions of the Ituri Province

Musalizi Muharabu Roger Lafleur, Mukandama Ndolandola Jean-Pierre, Muliri Big Lucien, Kasamba Uzele Delphin, Motoba Duabo Henry


Ituri has long been considered the "cradle" of domestic animal husbandry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has a mild climate and favourable soil for animal production, which is why a research station at the National Institute for Study and Agricultural Research (INERA) was set up in Nioka by the settlers in Mahagi territory, followed by a planting in Bunia of a large industrial Slaughterhouse, the second in Africa after that of Nigeria. The establishment of the Slaughterhouse was in order to facilitate the commercialization of meat in this region. A characterization of the socioeconomic impact of local goat farming was conducted among 192 breeders subjected to a closed questionnaire survey. The study was carried out between May 2011 and May 2017 in periurban and peripheral rural areas of the Ituri province. The study establishes that the income obtained from this activity appears to be satisfactory for breeders from a herd composed of a minimum of 15 goats.

Livestock income allows farmers to make long-term investments, including the acquisition of land titles; subsidizing certain basic social needs including food; schooling of children; the payment of the dowry, a symbol of customary marriage; the acquisition of certain goods, etc.). Goat breeding offers great opportunities for development through its meat production, prolificacy, hardiness and good adaptation in all the edapho-eco-climatic conditions of Ituri. This is how it is found in some families in the Ituri province, and intervenes in all areas and stages of the life of households of the breeder. In terms of the number of animals raised, statistics show that the goat comes second after poultry.In the end, based on results obtained in this country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the goat is a savings in kind to ensure the future of the breeder.


characterization; socio-economy; Impact; breeding; goats; native; herders; periurban; analysis.

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