Dynamical Analysis of Severe Rain Events Over Iraq

Jassim Kadhum, Sarah Al-musauy


Rainfall is considered as the most difficult meteorological parameter to measure because it is highly variable temporally and spatially. Rainfall happens over Iraq in transition seasons and in winter and this shows that the rainfall depends on the general circulation pattern.The aim of this research is diagnosing Dynamic analysis extreme rainfall over the Iraq and border regions of surrounding countries and the data were taken from European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, ECMWF), satellite image and diagram for radiosonde for the 2015 Through chosen metrological parameters affecting rainfall intensity. The result Most of rainfall  is located in the eastern part of Iraq as in case 22 April 2011the rainfall occurred from north to south with maximum daily rainfall is about 30-40 mm in the northeast region depending to image from TREM is very accurate and through it determine the intensity of rain more than other means, The cases extreme rainfall accompany The temperature has variance between northern and southern of Iraq, its arrived about 10 °C,addition to the clouds cover most of found in levels of pressure about 800-500 hPa this means that the clouds are low and rainy, This study shown the high percentage of relative humidity found out in 700 hPa, more than 850 hPa, that’s because of near to the surface, the turbulence is increased toward surface so that 700 hPa is more stable than 850 hPa, reduced vertical velocity and the wind become geostrophic wind in 700hpa. The positive relative vorticity is dominant over Iraq in 500 hPa. When the cyclonic spin while upward vertical motion.


Rainfall; Analysis; Iraq.

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