Critical Success Factors to Implement Enterprise Resource Planning in Morocco Large Companies’ Case Study

Younous EL mrini, Mustapha Belaissaoui, Issam Taqafi


To increase their performances, many companies have chosen to adopt ERP solutions in their information system including Moroccan companies. This paper attempts to identify important Critical Success Factors (CSF) impacting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation in Moroccan context. The results presented are based on a case study (action research) in several large Moroccan companies: the business core related to those companies is different: industry, telecommunications, public administration, real estate, etc. This study concerns several kinds of projects: new implementation of an ERP, major extensions of an existing ERP or upgrade to a global new release. The factors dressed are spread over different phases of the implementation life cycle and discuss several aspects: scope, sponsoring, standard versus customizations, resistance to change / resisting forces, cultural aspects, operations and values system.


ERP; CSFs; Morocco; Implementing; Performances.

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