Location Allocation and Econometrics of a Solar Chimney with 50 KW Output Power in Terms of Climate Conditions of Southern Iranian Provinces

Abbas Sadri, Roohallah Yazdanpanah, Abbas Korehbandi, Amin Roudhelehpour


The aim of the current research is location allocation and econometrics of solar tower (chimney) for power generating in climate conditions of southern Iranian provinces. Location allocation means determining an appropriate location for constructing a solar chimney with appropriate size including receiving surface (absorber or collector), tower height and turbine diameter for 50 kW output power so that the location is compatible with climate conditions of the selected province. Firstly, the amount of solar energy received on the earth surface in one of the southern provinces of Iran is calculated and then, all available governing equations on tower elements (receiving surface, tower height and turbine diameter) are written and solved in MATLAB. The obtained results are validated by comparing the output of computer solution for 50 kW daily power with the model produced in Manzanares, Spain, where have a similar climate conditions with south of Iran. In addition to validation with experimental data, the computer solution is re-validated with the results obtained from finite element analysis performed by FLUENT software. The obtained results show that: in low power, solar tower is not cos effective without considering economic conditions.

Moreover, solar tower with small turbine diameter needs to large size receiver and high height that should be scientifically investigated. Further, after validation of results, the expected power is analyzed using the relationships between tower elements to achieve a comprehensive plan which has a complete analysis of relationships between the size and location of solar chimney and optimization process of final cost along with the plan econometrics in terms of the available facilities on the selected province.


Southern Iranian provinces; Solar tower (chimney); Solar turbine; Solar Receiver (absorber or collector); Finite element numerical method; MATLAB language; Location allocation and econometrics; FLUENT software.

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