Microbial Study of Drinking Water in the Government Hospitals of Patna District, Bihar, India

Manish Kr. Kanth, Sushil Kr. Singh, Abhijeet Kashyap, Vijay Kr. Gupta, Smita Shalini, Subhi Kumari, Rupam Kumari, Kumari Puja


This study was carried out to evaluate the status of drinking water supplied in six different government hospitals of the Patna capital of Bihar, India. A total of 14 drinking water samples was collected aseptically in sterile container during the month of August 2017. Most probable number (MPN) test was done to detect the Coliforms in drinking water samples. A total of 11out of 14 samples shows very high MPN value, which are above the WHO standard of concentration of Coliforms which must be zero in safe drinking water . Analysis was performed by using culture and biochemical methods. This study has therefore shown the need for continuous monitoring of drinking water supply system. This study indicates that regular water monitoring the supply and availability of pathogens free drinking water.


Patna; Microbial; Coliform; MPN; Drinking water; Indole; Citrate; Methyl red.

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