Application of Multidimensional Force Sensor in Measuring Breeze Speed

Dong Panhao, Rong Feng, Huang Chen


For the measurement of the micro wind speed, the size, accuracy and sensitivity of the measurement device have higher requirements, so most wind speed measurement instruments are difficult to achieve the wind speed measurement standards in the market. Based on the principle of wind load, the method of measuring wind speed using MEMS multidimensional force sensor is studied. Through the wind the ball, the sensor sensitive beam with sensitive strain measure pressure from X, Y, Z direction. Effective synthetic velocity and resultant wind direction can be obtained, through the relationship between pressure and wind velocity. Compared with the conventional mechanical wind speed measuring instruments on the market, it has the characteristics of simple structure and fast responding, and has no traditional mechanical components.


MEMS; Micro wind speed; Multidimensional sensor; Strain gauge.

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