A New Taxonomic Survey of Caulerpa Lamouroux Species (Chlorophyta, Caulerpales) in the Southern Coasts of Iran

Masoumeh Shams, Nahid Ghaed Amini


The genus Caulerpa (Chlorophyta), a coenocytic marine macroalgae, consists of about 75 species of tropical to subtropical siphonous green algae. Caulerpa species inhabit the intertidal and shallow subtidal region along the coast of Iraniansouth. The aim of this research was the taxonomic and florestic study of the genus Caulerpa in the southern coast of Iran due to the abundance of this genus, as well as the importance of this genus in terms of food and especially its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. In a survey conducted from Febriary 2015 to January 2016, we found seven species as Caulerpa cupressoides (vahl.) C. Agardh, C. peltata (Lamouroux), C. racemose (Forskkal) J. Agardh, C. fastigiataMontagne, C. scalpelliformis (Turner) C. Agardh, C. sertularioides (S.G.Gemelin.) Howe;C. taxifolia (Vahl) C. Agardh. In conclusion, a little study is known about the diversity of this genus along the coast of Iran, and this study can at least partly be attributed to the complex systematics of the genus, which is characterized by considerable morphological plasticity.


Caulerpa; Distribution; Iran; Taxonomy.

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