Comparative Analysis between Automated Industrial Oven Firing and Manual Firing for Continuous Colour Coating Line. A Case Study of Kolorkote Nigeria Limited, Ota

Dele Daramola


Automation of industrial oven has made firing and controlling of temperature to be easy and save. In the recent year, industrial oven has always been fired manually and this has cause a lot of accident to personal, equipment, materials in the industry. The performance and the operational problem of manual firing were investigated in order to determine its shortcoming. To achieve this, firing procedure, gas regulation, flame regulation, efficiency and effectiveness of heat distribution, occurrence of fault, troubleshooting and rectification and shutdown procedure were investigated and compared to automatic operation of industrial oven. It was discovered that manual oven has problem of firing, temperature regulation, time wastage, gas wastage but all these problems were overcome to about 98 % by automatic oven due to the introduction of programmable Logic Controller and SCADA. The advantages of industrial automated oven include easy firing, high degree of safety, high efficiency, faults are easily detected and rectified.


Automation; continuous; firing; heat distribution; industry; performance; controller.

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