Contribution in the Physical Characterization of Two River Sands from the South-mifi River of the Mifi Basin in Cameroon

Kamdjo Grégoire, Nie Noumsi Thierry Constant, Zoyem Gouafo Mathurin, Ngapgue François, gouafo Casimir


The valorization and the use of natural resources as building materials require a meticulous study of its geotechnical properties. Thus the goal of our research is the physical characterization of two river sands from the south-Mifi river of the Mifi basin carried out with an aim of promoting its rational use in Civil Engineering constructions. After the fieldwork, laboratory studies have concerned the petrography, the physical identification of the Sands samples such as: water content, unit weight, density, sand equivalent, granulometrical analysis, sedimentation, and granularity. The study concludes that the representative samples of the analyzed aggregates have geometrical and physical properties which differed from the upper side of the South-Mifi River to the lower side of the river. From the upper side, the specific mass is 2.85 g/cm3 and to the lower side between 25 and 35 km the specific mass is 2.61 g/cm3, there is a variation of 8.42 %. The sand equivalent from the upper side is 76.4 % and to the lower side 70.5 %. The fineness modulus to the upper side is 3 and to the lower side 2. 8.  


Characterization; Physical; Geotechnical; Crushed stones; Sand grain size; Civil engineering.

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