Management Information Systems of a Government Guarantee Financing Institution in the Philippines

Dr. Danilo S. Sosa


In today’s competitive environment, computerization or automation of the business process is of considerable importance because many people believe that with the help of this technology most organizations can make their operational, tactical, and strategic processes more productive, effective and efficient. Management information system (MIS) is the means of support of any business organization today and the functionality of information systems is a necessity. This study was conducted in order to identify, describe and evaluate what types of problems are most likely incurred in the implementation of management information systems at Quedan and Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation, a government guarantee financing institution in the Philippines.The problems in the areas of management support, MIS planning and training, user’s involvement and communication between MIS personnel and the rest of the company, inadequacy of computer resources, and limitations of the MIS division hinder the success of implementation of any information systems. These constraints must be taken into consideration to avoid the “chicken and egg problem” situations and to facilitate effective and efficient implementation of a computerization plan.


management information systems; guarantee financing; loans monitoring; IS implementation.

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