Decreased of Levels of Triglyceride in Subjects Drinking Garcinia atroviridis Leaf Tea from Sijunjung - West Sumatra, Indonesia

Christina Lumbantobing, Ety Yerizel, Sumaryati Syukur, Endang Purwati


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of Garcinia atroviridis on triglyceride levels in obese subjects. Obesity and related non-communicable diseases are largely preventable. The household industry in Lubuk Tarok District of Sijunjung West Sumatra produces tea of G.atroviridis leaves packed in tea bags and people drink GA-tea to reduce triglyceride levels and waist circumference. Fruit rind of GA or asam glugur contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA, or (-)-HCA) as principal acid. HAC is a potent inhibitor of ATP-citrate lyase. The inhibition of this enzyme limits the availability of acetyl-CoA units required for fatty acid synthesis and lipogenesis. Participants in this study were obese male and female adults, who were divided into G.atroviridis tea group and control group. Anthropometric measurement and laboratory test were performed in pre- and post-treatment. The result showed that the reduction of triglyceride levels was found to be higher in tea group than control groups.


Hydroxycitric acid; triglyceride; obesity; Garcinia atroviridis.

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