Completeness and Readability of Health Information in Hospitals Records – North Kordofan State-Sudan 2015

Siham Ahmed Balla, Eman Malik Abdel Rahman Mohammed, Amel Elamine Mohamed Elnor, Taha Ahmed Elmukashfi Elsheikh


Documentation of patients` information in the hospital registry is crucial for efficient quality of care. The objective was to assess the completeness and readability of patients` information in the inpatients files of internal medicine and pediatric departments. A descriptive audit study carried out in four hospitals in North Kordofan State. A total of 549 and 555 inpatients` files were reviewed from the internal medicine and pediatric departments respectively. A structured review checklist was used for the audit.  Data was managed by SPSS version 20. Comprehensiveness proportions were calculated manually. Chi square test at 95% CL was used for comparison. Complete and readable full names of patients were shown in 6.2% and 34.2% of internal medicine and pediatric files respectively. Patients` full contact address was complete and readable in 11.3% and 4.5% respectively. Only 0.5% of pediatric files had recorded age. Completeness of basic information in inpatients` files was significantly different in favor to the internal medicine department, P- value=0.01. Documentation of clinical assessment items was complete in internal medicine files (65.6%) and pediatric files (62.5%). Pediatric files had complete readable vaccination history (55.7%), complete readable perinatal, natal and postnatal history (40%) and complete readable milestones history(29.9%). The summary discharge pages had comprehensiveness scores, 13% and 18.7% in internal medicine and pediatric files respectively, P-value 0.01. Date of discharge was adequately complete in 74.1% and 77.5% of the internal medicine and pediatric files respectively. Information in hospital inpatients` files was not complete.

Two thirds of inpatients` files were complete and readable for clinical assessment items. The childhood developmental history was under-documented. The summary discharge pages were not completely documented except the date of discharge.  A reform plan and computerization of the data base is recommended. 


completeness; hospital; information; pediatric; files; internal medicine.

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