Synthesis of Dimensions Strategic Orientation for Improving Financial Performance Through Organizational Commitment; Empirical Study in Agriculture Bank of Iraq

Basim Abbas Kraidy Jassmy, UNIV. PROF. Dr. Cristian-Silviu Banacu, Zaki Muhammad Abbas Bhaya, Latif Atiya


The current study seeks to analyze the different impacts of alternatives strategic orientation ( customer orientation , competitor orientation and interfunctional coordination ) on financial performance of agricultural bank  of  Al-Qadissya governorate in Iraq , a survey of 80 respondents was used to collect data that were analyzed by SPSS ,  moreover , authors is to test whether the dimensions of strategic orientation have influence on organizational commitment and how to enhancing financial performance , and whether these three dimensions contribute to improve financial performance ,  the findings reveal that the dimensions of strategic orientation ( customer orientation , competitor orientation and interfunctional coordination ) have a significant influence on organizational commitment , but there is one dimension of strategic orientation ( customer orientation ) has   a significant influence on financial performance , whereas the interfunctional coordination has a significant influence on financial performance if tested together with the rest dimensions and organizational commitment  , moreover there is no significant influence between organizational commitment and financial performance ,  this study wants to increase of knowledge based a whole of previous studies so as to provides some insights and original value because this is the first attempt to study alternative strategic orientation and organizational commitment on financial performance in agricultural bank in Iraq , besides this study add some managerial implications for  the board council of the agricultural bank .

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