The Role of Mass Media to the People of Hanoi City in Regard of the Campaign “The Vietnamese Prioritizing Consuming the Goods Made in Vietnam”

Vũ Hào Quang, Nguyễn Thị Hà Giang


The campaign titled “The Vietnamese Prioritizing Consuming the Goods Made in Vietnam” (TVPCGMIN) is considered as a guiding principle constructed by the Communist Party. It was issued on the 31st of July, 2009 in the Proclamation No. 264 -TB/TW from the Politburo. It remains as the main mission on the list of action plan of Fatherland’s Front Institution. In that setting, we questioned the role of mass media during this campaign. The research was based on random sample selection of 200 samples from Nguyen Trai ward which is considered the inner city area, and the An Thuong commune which is considered the suburb area of Ha Noi city. The research employed focus group interview of twelve individuals among which six were retailers and six were consumers. The results showed that the campaign had a significant influence on both residents of the inner city as well as the suburb area. Among them, cable television and newspapers had stronger impact than radio, internet, banners, community meetings, and word-of-mouth from the individual’s social network. After five years of campaigning, the movement altered people’s awareness, attitude and consumption toward the Vietnamese brand products. The research indicated that people pay more attention to domestic produce, however, they pointed out that there’s some room for improvement in regards of the visual aspect and quality, especially compared to foreign imported merchandises. In general, the research showed that local people preferred foreign imported goods to the domestic productions. They definitely favor digital products from Japan over all. 

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