Interim Administrative Mission to the United Nations in Kosovo-UNMIK

Sabri Gashi


From this work we can understand many things about international temporary UNMIK mission, which mission was deployed to Kosovo mission administrative aid local bodies. 1244 was the legal basis of the mission, based on the international resolutions as a document or as compatible for "all" leads UNMIK is therefore based on the resolutions, UNMIK has extended his SCOPE. Scope of UNMIK has been extremely spacious compared to its functional Capacities; I think there have been refinements of the "irregularity" of the mission. Fields in the facilities as this mission has had major deficiencies would say that there were areas of the Police failed and Justice. Precisely in these two areas is shown not professionally, negligence and disregard of procedures, I would say that this mission has itself violated its own regulations and authorizations respectfully mandate established by resolutions of 1244. We are witnessing what the mess caused system justice under the leadership of UNMIK and the consequences that has left this mission, with their hand to activities arbitrary, this mission has made a flagrant violation of human rights. This also has been criticized by international non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International. In general I think that one of these very unprofessional Mission has brought more damage to statehood creation as good. It was created thought that their mission was against his objectives for the facilities as they were loaded realized under RESOLUTION 1244 as result temporary solution until the final status.                                                     


UNMIK; military; paramilitary; resolution; violence; KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army); Interim; genocide.

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