Gender Imbalance: A Case Study. (Women Breaking Barriers in Management & Leadership)

Agbesi Oscar Kekeli Kobla, Prof. Wang Li-Hua


 Several studies have shown the advancements of women have been made and shown throughout history, very few women have risen to the top of various organizations around the world. Various research tries to expose gender imbalances, segregation based on job type, and the “old boys’ network” as causes for this trend. The purpose of this study is to focus on the women currently working in the various industries and organizations to explore their experiences in the workplace. Several methods were used to conduct the study. Where women working in leadership positions in both local and international organizations, industries. Their responses to the research questions contradict and many studies. The results of this study show that women are overcoming and breaking those barriers, and they are breaking those stereotypes at a very fast pace. And the interesting thing about it is, women in Africa and the so many developing countries are seen to be part of the fight against gender inequality.


Working and walking side-by-side to build a better world for all. Today’s woman.

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