Single Device that can Measure Gravity, Magnetism & Data for Inertial Navigation System and Also Provide Propulsion to Satellites for Prolonged Missions in Space

Muhammad Amjad Ali


The paper proposes workable ideas for development of a single device that can measure values of Gravity, Magnetic Fields and changes in Angular and Linear velocity of a vehicle to be used for inertial navigation system. Moreover, the same device can also be used as in-space propulsion system for satellites that can sustain operations indefinitely; thus paving way for miniaturization of satellites in order to achieve cost effectiveness and prolonged life time of satellites in space, by eliminating the need of propulsion fuels. The system will be powered by onboard solar panels. This will enable not only missions around earth, moon or nearby planets but also deep space missions around solar system as long as power source remains viable. The device utilizes magnetic levitation achieved through combination of permanent and electromagnets whereby momentum of a ball magnetically suspended inside a spherical electromagnet is transferred to satellite due to its acceleration under magnetic forces to provide propulsion. The linear and angular displacements of the inner suspended ball provide data for inertial navigation and measurement of gravity and magnetic fields.


In-space propulsion; Gravity; Magnetic Fields; Inertial Navigation System; deep space missions; magnetic levitation.

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