Development of Athlete’s Registration Management and Monitoring System

Jerwin M. Montellano


Now the computer technology is vital. Sports website uses for a market promotion that invites more student-athletes to enroll in the university and vie for athlete’s scholarship who want to play in the university engage in sports. The university needs the eligibility for the registration of the athletes such as passing grades, certified a true copy of birth certificate and playing years of residency for both colleges and high school divisions.  The system has registration center for the visitors, student-athletes, parents, coaches, officials and school administrators to help eliminate paper works prepare in the high school and college division. In the PE department registration is tedious because it was done manually and has resulted in a number of traditional problems. The purpose of this study mainly focused on developing of athlete’s registration management and monitoring system of student-athletes in the PE Department of the University of the East for every season of the UAAP. The student-athletes will be able to monitor their allowances that will be given to them by the university based on their attendance in training. The department is responsible for downloadable PDF files and will be available in athlete’s portal for them to know about the fall sports schedules and calendar activities. In the calendar activities, it will show all the extracurricular activities that the department works for safe, effective experienced with all activities and ensures that all programs operate in the UAAP and UNI-games. Thus, communicate through emails. A survey questionnaire was used to gather data from the respondents. The Waterfall Model was used to develop the software. The results showed that the Registration Management and Monitoring System developed is highly favorable to users.


Athletes; Monitoring; Sports Performance; Registrations; Management System; Monitoring; Evaluation Sports; Performance Athletes; Sports Marketing.

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