The Archaeological Sites along the Ancient Course of Euphrates River

Nagham. A. Alhawi, Badir. N. Albadran, Jennifer. R. Pournelle


Many of archaeological sites within Al Hammar Marsh and surrounded area were selected to the current study. Multispectral QuickBird images(2006), characterized by high (0.6 m) spatial resolution, used to draw a detailed map for an especially prominent relict course of the Euphrates and for the archaeological sites, these maps used to describe these  sites and to identify their temporary relationships with the ancient course of the Euphrates. The random distribution of archaeological sites near the ancient courses confirmed that these sites associated with river courses as a basic reason for their presence. Also, Repetition of settlements in several archaeological sites, and the synchronization of historical periods indicated to continue habitation in the south of Mesopotamian plain from the oldest period about 5000 BC until Islamic period.


Archaeology; Ur; Tell Al-Laham; Euphrates River; Hammar marsh; Iraq.

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