Analysis on Performance of DC Microgrid under Fault Condition

Ya Min Soe, Soe Soe Ei Aung, Zar Linn


DC Microgrid is the high quality electric power by using DC distribution focused on the development of renewable energy resources such as photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, fuel cells and etc. In this system, DC grid is connected to the AC utility grid through AC/DC rectifier and several distributed generations are connected to DC line through converters in order to improve the reliability of the power system. Most of the faults cause on overhead lines of power system. When a fault occur on a power system, it is very important to check quickly, to detect it, to find its definite location and to restore power system as soon as possible. In this paper, the configurations of DC microgrid system and control methods of distributed generation are expressed. Moreover, fault on source side, fault on load side and fault on DC transmission line are analyzed. Faults are shown single line to ground fault for generation side and load side and line to line fault for DC transmission side. In order to identify the various faults characteristics of DC Microgrid, simulation results are performed with Matlab/ Simulink Software.


DC Microgrid; Distributed Generation; High Quality Power; Converters; Faults.

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