Automated Multi-storied Car Parking System Using RFID

Su Naing Myint, Min Min Oo


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is very useful technology in automation of vehicle parking system in mall/building. One of the challenging problems for many vehicle owners in big cities is where to park their vehicles. If the parking slot is known in advance one can save precious time and fuel wastage. In this research, the user is informed about the parking slot availability at a particular parking location. The slot availability details are collected using an RFID system and are updated periodically into the database. Entry-point and exit-point of the parking-lots will be under control with RFID readers, labels and barriers. Since there won't be any waiting during entry-point and exit-point the pollution problem will be avoided. There are three portions in automated multi-storied car parking system. They are RFID system, car lift control system and Bluetooth serial system. For the RFID system, 13.56 MHz passive reader and tag pairs are used. For car lift system, DC motor drivers (L298) and IR obstacle sensor are used. DC motor drivers are used to accurate the feedback operation of barrier for car lift and IR obstacle sensors are used to sense a room which was passed through the barrier after showing RFID tag. DC motor drivers and IR obstacle sensors were controlled by Basic-Pro program.


RFID module; PIC microcontroller; IR obstacle sensor; Basic Pro program.

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Capacitor Input Filter Calculation –,


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