Real-Time Wireless Network of Mobile Sensor Nodes Based on ZigBee Protocol: Design and Implementation

Abdulbasit M. Sabaawi, Abdullah A. Mohamed


Wireless sensor networks are an evolving technology for a wide range of environments due to its low-cost and importance that has been implemented by the recent delivery of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard (ZigBee standard) for application layers. The benefit of this module is to develop the designing skills on the wireless networks using ZigBee protocol that is providing a standardized base set of solutions for control systems and sensor .In this paper, a wireless network consisting of four mobile sensor nodes is designed and implemented. Thermal sensor is used in each node to measure the temperature. After the temperature was measured correctly, the system is modified in terms of having a better reliability by implementing the CRC technique. Furthermore, a TDMA and CSMA algorithms are applied to the nodes in a way that the four nodes of the network must be able to transmit and receive the data without any collision. The system is applied on a modern embedded board is PICDEM-Z BOARD. This board has excellent features such as high performance core PLCI8F4620, memory and Rf transceiver work with ZigBee protocol. The results show high flexibility and reliability in the measuring and exchanging the data between all the nodes within one second in real time. 


Wireless network sensor; Zigbee; IEEE 802.15.4 standard; Microchip PICDEM-Z.

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