A Static Solution to Einstein’s Field Equations for a Spherical Distribution of Electrically Counterpoised Dust with a Set of New Boundary Conditions

Sashinka Wimaladharma, Nalin de Silva


A static spherically symmetric solution to Einstein’s field equations has been found with the standard boundary conditions for a spherical distribution of electrically counterpoised dust in Sashinka Wimaladharma and Nalin de Silva[1]. However the solution obtained there was not Lorentzian at infinity. To overcome this problem, a set of new boundary conditions has been introduced along with different coordinates for different regions of the matter distribution.


Einstein’s field equations; electrically counterpoised dust.

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Sashinka Wimaladharma and Nalin de Silva. “A Static Solution to Einstein’s Field Equations for a spherical Distribution of Electrically Counterpoised Dust”American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering,Technology (ASRJETS), and Sciences ,Volume 17,No1 ,pp 155-164,March,2016.

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S.B.P Wickramasuriya. “on static distribution of matter in general relativity”.PhD thesis, Queen Elizabeth college,London,1972.


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