Students’ Perception of Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting Academic Performance

George Aboagye Agyeman, Emmanuel Adjei Frimpong, Elvis Richard Ganyo


Students’ academic performance is very important to all stakeholders in education. The research assessed whether social and culture factors have influence on students’ academic performance. The objective was to determine whether cultural factors have influence on academic performance of students and also to assess whether social factors have influence on academic performance of students.  A sample size of 400 was used for the study and convenient sampling method was used. Chi-square was used to compare the proportions, which enabled us to get the P value. From the analysis, it was evident that study group, parents, peers/friends, church, beliefs, family, social group, place of residence, and role as a class representative/executive have an influence on the academic performance of students and should not be ignored by educators, students and decision makers. Other four factors which did not contribute to academic performance were tribe, ethnic group and boy/girlfriend relationship. The study suggested that students’ should be educated and counseled on how to spend their time.


Perception; Social; Culture; Academic Performance.

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