A Static Solution to Einstein’s Field Equations for a Spherical Distribution of Electrically Counterpoised Dust

Sashinka Wimaladharma, Nalin de Silva


The work on Einstein-Maxwell equations for a sphere composed of a special kind of matter distribution called electrically counterpoised dust (ECD) with constant density has been discussed. The better understanding of the electrically counterpoised dust model in detail will helps scientists to understand the universe in better way. Along this line, the understanding of static solutions for the electrically counterpoised dust will be a crucial factor. To understand the static solutions for the electrically counterpoised dust, static solutions for the Einstein-Maxwell equations have been found. In particular, static solutions for a sphere composed of electrically counterpoised dust matter using standard boundary conditions tested. In addition to that the expressions for the redshift moving along a radial geodesic have been obtained.


Einstein field equations; electrically counterpoised dust.

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old and new boundary conditions.” MPhil thesis, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2013.


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