Study of The Fermentescibilty of Typha Domingensis in Mode Mesophilic

Ismaïla Diouf, Demba SOW, Cheikh Diop, Bienvenu Sambou, Mouhamadou Diop Sall


To assess the energy potential of the species Typha domingensis, tests were conducted in the laboratory to determine assess the amount of biogas produced per liter of fermentor per kg dry matter (ms). Thus, after 37 days of fermentation in a digester 1000ml containing 150g biomass production cumulative biogas obtained is 8955 ml titrating 40.4% methane, is 59.70 ml / g of biomass (1 , 61l /g/ j) or 0.24 l /l /j). This plant species has an identical biogas that of Euphorbia Tirucalli digested in the same conditions of temperature and preparation. However Typha biogas produces less than the stomachs of cattle (0,65l / lj) but more than the sewage sludge (0,11l / lj).


Typha domingensis; invasive species; biogas; contents of paunch; potential methanogene.

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